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Feature Writing

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Lana Jacobson understands the obligation that comes with the privilege to otherwise hidden worlds and lives. Features written reflect her insatiable curiosity.

Lana explores the inexplicable, the misunderstood, and the remarkable. There is nothing superficial or glib about the honesty of her work which reflects her compassion and sense of responsibility.

77th Writers Digest CompetitionLana is often commissioned to cover controversial topics and she devotes much time and resources to get the story and all its facts right. Lana’s writing reflects the world in all its complexity.

South African freelance journalist Lana Jacobson has won two 77th Writer's Digest International Competition Awards for Inspirational Writing and Memoir Writing.

The magazine was founded in 1920 and has a current circulation of 140 000 readers worldwide.Jacobson has won two previous Writer's Digest International Prize Awards, is a Media24 Excellence Award winner and a multiple Mondi Shanduka Awards finalist.

She specialises mainly in creative non-fiction feature writing and has contributed to almost every English magazine and newspaper in South Africa, often achieving cover and front-page exposure. Jacobson has also contributed to the Sydney Morning Herald and Marie Clare New York.


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