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Khanysile Motsa

Khanysile Motsa tells Lana Jacobson about her life as house- mother of a shelter.  

“I saw these children, very young girls of about ten years old standing around near traffic lights and bus stops in Berea in the cold with hardly anything decent to cover their bodies.

Whose kids are these? Where are their parents? I wondered as I passed the shivering girls. 

I felt compelled to speak to them. They were rude and unfriendly.  But I praised them.  I told them they looked lovely.  I did this many times before inviting them to my flat for coffee. 

Soon I discovered that the children were Mahotsha (prostitutes) forced into the streets by drug lords and pimps, or victims of child labour. Some were children of prostitutes. Others, victims of abuse had escaped from home.  

Something had stirred in me.  God showed me my duty and I knew I would not sleep at night if I ignored a silent scream from these helpless children.


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