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Travel Writing

Lana has a Masters degree in creative travel writing.  Her travel stories are widely published. She is an intrepid and hopelessly addicted traveller, who usually travels solo with a journal for company, or accompanied by a photographer.  

Sierra Leone

As a regular freelance contributor for the Independent Group of newspapers she was sent to Sierra Leone to cover the social effects of the civil war on children and women.

She lived on The Anastasis, a missionary hospital ship, using red cross vans and ambulances to transport her on land because several journalists travelling alone were killed.

Her writing on Sierra Leonne and the effects of the war was awarded by Writers Digest International (USA).

Travels to Kenya

Kenya-travelLana has travelled to Kenya’s remote Kaisut desert to live and write about the almost extinct Rendille tribe.

Her fascination with indigenous people had her crossing the equator into Kenya’s rift valley, where while on tented safari she visited famed Jane Goodall chimp conservancy and later ventured to visit Kenya’s many tribes in their various home settings.




Tunisia and beyond

Egypt, where she got flea bitten entering a tomb while visiting the Pyramids, and Tunisia “a dream destination” also appear in Lana’s published travel stories.

Thailand Vietnam and Cambodia

Lana travelled Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia…and still marvels at the wonder of Cambodia’s magnificent Ang What Temple. She loved visiting the Koran Tribe (‘Long Neck tribe’ who having escaped Minnimar, now live in remote spot in Thailand. She has visited a remote Buddhist Temple in Thailand where she interviewed a Thai Buddhist nun who renounced husband, children and grandchildren and entered a life of silence.

Living with Carmelite Nuns

As a Jew Lana found her experience of life in enclosure with Carmelite Nuns who live their lifelong vow of silence fascinating. There are only 800 practicing Carmelite nuns still practicing worldwide.

Travel Destinations

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