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Lana Jacobson - The Writer Studio

Lana Jacobson of The WriterStudio has been in the public eye for 20 years as a widely published, multi-award winning writer and author. Her main genre lies in creative non-fiction writing.

Lana has a quality about her which makes you feel you have known her for years, resulting in fascinating accounts of everyday lives of different people, cultures, situations, organisations and, travel destinations, always achingly truthful and real. 

Lana writes for trade and consumer magazines, newspapers, corporate- communications - including in-house newsletters, in-house magazines - travel agents and tourist boards, public relations companies, and corporate social investment organisations.  She has ghost written and contributed to books. 

Lana’s commercial writing has appeared online, in books, magazines, newspapers, journals and specialist travel magazines.  Her features include: Profiles, investigative, environment, health, and social issues -all published in English magazines and newspaper in South Africa, and several international magazines and newspapers including Sydney Morning Herald , Marie Clare New York and New Africa Woman UK.. 


A Good Night's Sleep by Lana Jacobson

A Good Night's Sleep - by Lana Jacobson

It’s bedtime. Gabriel’s Mommy and Daddy are hoping for a good night’s sleep. But Gabriel has other plans…

In this humorous book for ages 2 and up, Gabriel keeps his mom and dad awake week in and week out. He wakes up and moves beds to sleep in their bed in the middle of every night. His exhausted parents finally hit upon a plan they think will work, but it is Gabriel’s own developing understanding that will save the day. This is the story of how Gabriel decides to stay asleep in his own bed for the whole night.

An Audio Book and a Read-Along for this book are also available on Audible and iTunes!


Travel Writing


Lana has a Masters degree in creative travel writing.  Her travel stories are widely published. She is an intrepid and hopelessly addicted traveller, who usually travels solo with a journal for company, or accompanied by a photographer.  


Feature Writing

77th Writers Digest Competition

Lana Jacobson understands the obligation that comes with the privilege to otherwise hidden worlds and lives. Features written reflect her insatiable curiosity.

Lana explores the inexplicable, the misunderstood, and the remarkable. There is nothing superficial or glib about the honesty of her work which reflects her compassion and sense of responsibility.


Website Content, Newsletters and Blogs


As an avid Internet user Lana is well positioned to write for new media. She can summarise your business profile for the web, write topical blogs, write web page content for both products and services, write captivating newsletter, and she can even Tweet and ghost blog for you.


Commercial Writing

Lana Jacobson a freelance journalist is highly acclaimed for representing private clients in the commercial arena. Her client and corporate writing, including profiles of companies and MD’s, appears on line, in trade journals, and published features, and in house magazines and newsletters. Her ghost written book is about to go to second print.


Ann Van Dyk’s forty two years towards saving the Cheetah

Lana at De Wildt Cheetah Research and Breeding Centre

A sudden flashback and Ann van Dyk  is once again a young woman working with her brother Godfrey on ‘De Wildt’, her late parents’ chicken farm, in the foothills of the Northern Magaliesberg farm.


The Third Sex

Nthabiseng Mokoena (25) knew from a tender age that she was different. Her mother would tell her never to dress in front of others, saying, “Nthabi, you are very special, but you are not the same as the other little girls.” When she was old enough Nthabiseng understood that she was one of an estimated 2 million South Africans born with an intersex condition- neither clearly a male nor female, but with ambiguous genitalia. 


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